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the story


we are whole. we are magic. we have the power to create the world & life we dream of...

we've just forgotten how.

There are parts of the world as we know it that aren’t working anymore. In fact, we are witnessing a lot of it crashing down around us. You can feel it in your bones, in your heart.

Maybe you feel helpless. Maybe you feel hopeless. 


But this is actually the PERFECT time for you, right here, right now. There is a reason you are alive at the time of this great unraveling, this great shift in consciousness.

Spoiler alert:  You already are equipped with EVERYTHING you need to step up to your purpose…. it all lies inside you, softly (sometimes loudly) calling for you to unleash it.   


You know you want to play a meaningful part in the transforming going on,

but how the heck do you do it? Where do you begin?

Reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, etc. are great ways to start….

but there's a gap between consuming valuable info

and embodying the change we want to see in the world (and in ourselves). 

That’s where I come in, ukulele in hand, to help bridge that gap. My job is to guide you to rediscovering and igniting your most magical innate superpower -- your creativity -- through songwriting, music, & creative coaching.  

See, I believe that music is the most powerful universal tool we have to ignite our creativity, taking us from consumer mind to creator mind, in the shortest amount of time, in the funnest way. 

*cue your creativity


Hey, sugar! I'm Caroline Scruggs, and I am sooo happy that you made it here. 

A little about me: I go google-eyed about most art forms, from painting to acting, dancing to songwriting.

I like to say I play the hardest and easiest instruments in the world (theremin + ukulele), and I love making songs that are quirky and weird.

You will frequently find me coaching clients from the back of my car in the midst of some magical American landscape... I'm a bit obsessed with road tripping. 

Creativity has always been a major part of my life...  but I didn't always see it as

the answer to EVERYTHING like I do now.

What really got me here, to being a full-time artist and creative coach?

It began, as many journeys do, with immense inner suffering. 

My anxiety attacks began when I hit puberty. I began feeling this overwhelming sense of crippling dread ALL THE TIME. I didn't know where it was coming from (my outer life was just fine), and even worse, I didn't know how to communicate that I was feeling  frozen, misunderstood, and like nobody--not even my family and friends--was really seeing me when they looked at me. It was torture.

From this beginning of inner angst,

a lifelong quest began: to find freedom from suffering, meaning in my existence,

& true connection to those around me.


After tons of exploration around the world, self-healing work, and many surprising detours, I ended up discovering that the answer was under my nose the whole time!

I discovered that unlocking our creativity is vital to feeling aligned and embodying our unique purposes here in this life... and it is the key, I believe, to healing the world. 

That's why I'm here to help you remember and cultivate your

AMAZING creative powers (a whopping task here in our consumer-based culture), and to shout to the rooftops this truth:

You are a powerful creature with more magic inside you than you can imagine. 

You are whole. 

You have a divine purpose here,

and you are NOT alone.



put yourself in inspiration's way

magical things start happening when you

unleash your inner creative: 


  • We start to find relief from the dissonance and stress we constantly feel... because we begin letting go of our social conditioning and choose instead to be FREE

  • We begin to feel alive, awake, and LIT UP with the energy that created us... the same energy that we will embody to continue the cycle of creating.

  • We gain confidence in our inner knowing, trust in the Great Unfolding of things, and clarity of the next right move for ourselves in each step we take.

  • We begin to truly live out our purpose, using our unique gifts to heal, love and better the world. 

so where do you start?!

You're invited to Uke Camp!


Lead magnet

I believe it is your duty to be the best human and truest you that you can be;

not only for the sake of fulfilling your one wild and precious life,

but for the sake of the world that desperately needs YOU in your fiercest, most vibrant state. 

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