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"This has been such a fun experience, 10/10 for sure!

This has helped my confidence more than anything else I’ve tried.

I would (and have) recommend to everyone I know!"

-2020 Uke Camper

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Hey friend, do any of these sound like you?

You're bogged down with the stress and anxiety of being a human in 2022 and need relief-- big time. 

​You want to connect with people in a deeper way and form genuine friendships outside of your bubble.

You're a musician, artist, entrepreneur or simply a creative soul and can't seem to get past the looming creative blocks and fears in your way... leaving you feeling frozen, stressed out, even totally lost. 

You struggle with finding the confidence to express your most authentic self to the world.

You've always daydreamed about  playing an instrument or writing a song, but you have no idea where to start. 

What if I told you in a span of 5 days,
you'd walk away feeling totally:
from your creative blocks and stress
in your role on this earth as a creative being
to other magically creative souls from across the globe
to keep making things you're inspired to with a sense of accountability
with new inspiration to live creatively every day
(not to mention in awe of the handful of ORIGINAL songs YOU wrote in just a week!)


If you've you've gotten this far, here's what I know about you.

I bet you're a sensitive soul. You want so deeply to express yourself, but sometimes it just seems impossible in this culture that values perfection over play, saying what sounds good over speaking our truth.

But my dear, you were made for more than a

monotonous, stressful, cookie-cutter outlook on life.

In fact, creativity is your birthright, and your natural state of being.

You deserve to feel vibrantly creative, expansive, connected, & inspired every day...

and there is more power and magic inside of you than you can even imagine.

So, are you ready to unleash it? 

Image by Teena Lalawat

Uke Camp is a totally unique experience

because of its unique formula that ensures creative souls

(from COMPLETE musical beginners to seasoned songwriters)

will rekindle inspiration, find the power in their own voice and story, and reconnect to their personal truths through their own creative process.



5 Day Guided Songwriting Challenge


Daily LIVE lesson of Creative Mindset Coaching,

Ukulele Technique, and Unlocking Your Unique Voice 


A daily songwriting prompt + chord progression


Daily reflection question surrounding your creative fears, roadblocks, and process


Option to record and post your songs each day to share with

(and be wildly supported by) the camp community


 The result?
139 wildly creative souls from more than 
7 countries have written 
343 songs..... 
and have used their creativity to
transform their lives.
Woah, woah... life transformation? How?!  
Here are some of our alumni to 
tell you about their experience. 
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"It was like therapy! I struggle with anxiety/feeling enough all the time and I love the idea that creativity can be a positive force to overcome those mental challenges."

Meet your new Creative Coach
Caroline Scruggs


Hey, pal! I'm Caroline. I am a professional songbird, artist and creativity+self-expression coach hailing from the east coast USA. After a decade of "playing the game" of the music industry and finding it ultimately unfulfilling and creatively stifling, I have gone through my own transformation about how I think about life, creativity, and my purpose here.

See, I finally realized that when I started unlearning & deconditioning myself from the rules my culture gave me about life & art, and how they should be done - and valued - everything changed. 

The freedom and joy I felt when I realized that I had the power to create anything I imagined transformed my life, from my mental health to my relationships to my day-to-day schedule.

Now I coach big-hearted creative souls who are searching like I was... for freedom, clarity, fulfillment, empowerment, connection.

And that is the heart of Uke Camp.

Image by Yuiizaa September


All this is yours,
for a limited time,
absolutely FREE.


So, you dear creative soul - are you ready to dive in?

Uke Camp Creative Retreat 

Your ticket to camp includes

  • 5 Live group music lessons + creative coaching with Caroline (Value: $500) 

  • Daily reflection questions to delve deeper into your creative process 

  • Daily access to Caroline for all of your creative and musical questions 

  • Unique chord progressions, songwriting prompts, and guidance on how to find your unique songwriting voice


What do I need for Uke Camp?  Just a ukulele (or guitar if you're more comfortable and prefer that instead) and an open mind!

Who is Uke Camp for? We welcome anyone who counts themselves a creative person! Music will be the medium we use to unleash our magic, but it works for all levels of musician-- from total beginners to seasoned songwriters. 

What's the schedule like? The live lessons begin every day from 12-1PM EST. The rest of your schedule and when you choose to make your songs is up to you! (Campers generally allot 1-2 hours for songwriting per day).

What if I can't make it to the live lessons?   We have campers come from all over the globe, and understand that the live lessons don't always fit into your schedule.... they are posted right away, so you can watch them at your own convenience and still have just as vibrant an experience!

Where does Uke Camp take place? 
Most of camp takes place on our private Facebook group specifically for this coming camp. (You will need to have a Facebook account).

Where can I get a ukulele if I don't have one? I suggest 3 places. 
1. Shop local. Google your local music instrument store, call them and ask if they carry uses (they will). 
2. Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace: re-using is friendly to the earth, and your wallet! 
3. If all else fails, there's always Amazon. 
Pro tip: If you are looking for a new ukulele that will last and is a fairly good quality and you can afford it, I would suggest working with the price range between $65-$150. I've found that to be the sweet spot of a cost-effective instrument that will make music for a long time to come, and bring so much joy!

What about camp merch? There is always a specially designed camp shirt inspired by the unique group each time! These will be available for purchase sometime after camp. Check out past camp shirts here. 

Have a question? Ask it here!

Thanks for your question! I'll get back to you with an answer ASAP. -Caroline